Kalyan Gau Sadan (कल्याण गौ सदन)

Kalyan Gau Sadan

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गौ सेवकों को दिवाली की मिठाई व उपहार वितरण Dated : 27/11/2021

दिवाली के पावन अवसर पर गौ सेवकों को कल्याण गौ सदन की तरफ से मिठाई व उपहार वितरीत किये गए|

Storing of wheat straw Dated : 14/07/2021

Large amount of wheat straw was collected at Kalyan Gau Sadan for animal to fulfill the food amount for Cows.

Treatment of accidental stray animal at Gau Sadan Dated : 14/07/2021

A treatment camp was held at Kalyan Gau Sadan. Stray animals which were injured due to any accident or any other reason were treated in it.

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