Kalyan Gau Sadan (कल्याण गौ सदन)

Kalyan Gau Sadan

Importance of Gau Mata

Lord Krishna

Gau’ means ‘cow’ and ‘Mata’ means ‘Mother’. In the Hindu scriptures the cow is mentioned as Devi and Mother Earth, the ever-giving nourishes, providing for all and sustaining the lifetime of all creatures. In the Hindu tradition, all cows are considered to be the earthly embodiment of Kamadhenu (also mentioned as Surabhi), the miraculous ‘cow of plenty’ or ‘wish-fulfilling cow’ and ‘mother of all cows’, who came out of the Churning of the Milky Ocean.

The cow is a symbol of gentleness, maternity, selfless service, loving-acceptance, tolerance, strength and endurance. Moreover, the cow is a great example of humility as it always gives without complaining; the cow gives without any expectation. So reciprocally, we receive numerous things from her; cow milk and dairy products are a serious source of nourishment; the trash may be a source of fuel and is also used as fertilizer and disinfectant; its urine is used for medicinal purposes. By venerating the cows, people are inspired to develop these qualities mentioned above.

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